Check your Vegan Privilege

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First off, I should say, I don’t eat meat. It’s been almost ten years now, and I’m probably never going to go back to being an omnivore, so if you want to be a vegan that’s your choice. It’s fine. I’m not going to judge.

What I do have a problem with though is the way veganism has become such a proselytising lifestyle choice. I don’t really agree with eating too many takeaways or frozen food, but I’m not going to shove it down your throat and condemn you for having a bunha on Thursday and a chow mein come Friday. It’s your life, go live it.

I understand the fact the preaching is about animal rights. I really do. I don’t like the fact that animals have to die, I don’t like that so many people eat meat when really they don’t need it to survive any more. But at the end of the day what’s it got to do with me? And at the end of the day, how do you know eating meat is a choice?

Being a vegan is a privilege a lot of people don’t have. Have you never wondered why the demographic is normally white middle class university students or graduates? Being a vegan is expensive. Not everybody can afford to fork out for soy milk and supplements. Some people have trouble scraping together enough money to feed their kids. It’s a luxury to have enough food to be faddy.

And it’s not only that, it’s time consuming and elitist. It favours those with education and perfectly healthy working bodies. Imagine trying to learn the ins and the outs and find time scour the aisles for meat free, dairy free products, if you’re working two jobs and raising three kids. It can’t be done.

So next time you’re call someone a murderer for eating meat, and feel a warm glow of morality whilst you do it, just think for a second, check your privilege. Are you really being a good person? Are you really caring? Or are you shaming someone for something they can’t change. For not having the privilege you’re lucky to possess.

Yes, animals are important and they deserve protecting, but people always come first. You can’t call yourself a good person if you’re defending animals whilst shitting on people more vulnerable than you.

So basically, there is nothing wrong with veganism. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about being a vegan. But please stop shaming other people for choosing a different path to yourself.

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