Increasing Female Representation in Indian Politics: A Need of the Hour

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Politics is considered to be the sector of society which defines power in the mainstream. It is the domain which confined within itself, outlines the working and dominance of the entire society. Given the current scenario where female participation has been increasing and there has been a bridging of the gender divide it is a shame that women are still the most under – represented group in the Indian political scenario.

This can be better understood in the context of latest report released by the United Nations titled ‘Women in Politics Map’. In March 2017, the UN released this report which ranks India at 148th position in terms of women participation in the legislative and executive bodies. In fact, none of the high income or big countries find position within the top 10 ranks. Countries which show minimum gender divide are Rwanda, Cuba, and Iceland.

A recent effort made by one of the State Governments in India can be considered to be a milestone in this regard. The Punjab Government has recently revised its decisions of giving 33 per cent reservation to women in local bodies and increased the bar to 50 per cent. This is a welcoming move and can be taken into account by other state governments as well as in the national context, given the prevalent scenario of the existing gender gap in the most important domain of decision – making.

The aforementioned scenario show cases that irrespective of the fact there has been an increase in awareness with respect to gender divide, still women are restricted to non – decision making positions. This also provides food for thought that even in the 21st century are women not deserving enough to hold positions of power and authority?

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India ranks 148 in 2017 UN Women in Politics Map


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