Lets Talk About Sex


The topic of sex is still seen as a taboo subject; it’s embarrassing or ‘dirty’. However, I feel like it needs to be addressed and there are so many different areas to cover I couldn’t simply do it in one article. We have had previous articles written about different areas of sex, such as virginity and masturbation. This one will be discussing about how we shouldn’t be ashamed of our sex lives and that we need more open discussions about sex.

I feel one of the most annoying things about sex is that it’s seen as ok for men to sleep around because this makes them a ‘legend’ whereas if a woman was to do the same they are a ‘slag’. Firstly, I don’t really care how many people someone has slept with and as long as this isn’t harming anyone else (such as cheating or underage activity) I don’t see why it should matter. If it involves two consenting adults (or in some cases more…) then just let them get on with it and keep out! Women have just as much of a right to have multiple sexual partners as men do and neither should be ashamed about it, it isn’t wrong or ‘dirty’ as some people would have you believe. In fact, having a healthy sex life has health benefits for you:

  • It’s good for your heart! Like any other form of exercise, sex increases your heart rate and exercises it – therefore, it’s good for it. It was also proven that men who have regular sex (at least twice a week) are 45% less likely to develop heart disease than men who had sex less often.
  • A study including 46 men and women was done on the relationship of stress levels and sexual activity. It was found that people who had no sex at all were the most stressed whereas the people who had sex had the lowest rise in their blood pressure and were the least stressed. So, what harm can it do in using sex as stress relief?
  • Having sex also boosts your immune system, meaning it helps fend of illnesses!
  • Sex also reduces pain as it releases pain-reducing hormones. This means it’s also good for menstrual cramps, so having sex on your period is allowed and isn’t a bad thing!
  • Now, the same endorphins that are released during sex that help with your stress levels also help to relax your body and mind, meaning they help you fall to sleep easier. Also a hormone called prolactin is released during orgasm which is a hormone that is high during sleep.

These are only a few ways in which sex is beneficial to our health; there are plenty more!

Partners, or even ourselves, can make us feel ashamed about our sex lives. Whether this be about past sexual partners or even our current sexual activity. Lots of different things can happen during sex, and some of them aren’t explained to us in school, and they can make us feel embarrassed. Well you shouldn’t! Because more than likely, it’s completely natural! One of these things is ‘noises’, many noises can be heard during sexual activity and sometimes they don’t seem so ‘sexy’. This can be the noise you make during orgasm or the ‘queef’, which is essentially just the air pockets that are created and pushed out during sex; these are completely natural. I can promise you that your partner probably doesn’t care, they’re too wrapped up in the moment and in you. If however, your partner does comment negatively then this is something you need to talk about and explain that it’s perfectly natural.

So remember, no matter how many sexual partners you’ve had or what you get up to in the bedroom (or in other places) you should not feel ashamed, be proud of your sex life!

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