US Leadership Election: Trump & Hitler

Source: Hollie Turner Source: Hollie Turner

(Content warning: mention of antisemitism and Hitler)

Donald Trump. A name everyone’s heard of, a person who is pledging to “make America great again.” But as much as we like to laugh at him, his policies are incredibly dangerous and he should be taken seriously as a threat to global peace.

If you Google “similarities between” the first suggestion is Hitler and Trump. You receive a wealth of images of the two side-by-side; some humorous but all highlighting dangerous similarities.

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The main, glaringly obvious and increasingly terrifying similarity between the two is the racism that permeates their political ideologies. Hitler blamed Jews for all of Germany’s problems, believing for Germany to be great again Jews shouldn’t be allowed to live there. Similarly, Trump accuses immigration for all of America’s problems. Trump even suggested all Muslim’s should wear ID badges, creating segregation within society; creating a ‘them’ and ‘us’, similar to what happened in Nazi Germany.

What is most dangerous is that Trump feeds on the fear that people have within them; of terrorism, of losing their jobs, of the economy failing. He promises he can change all of this and “make America great again”, but what needs to be questioned is how he is going to do this and who is going to get hurt on the way to making “America great”. Hitler too promised to make Germany great again, and in his eyes, he probably thought he was on his way to achieving this.

Donald Trump recently denied this comparison to Hitler, despite asking voters to raise their right hand to pledge support to him. An image with terrifying similarities to Nazi rallies.

I’m not saying Trump is going to do what Hitler did. But I’m also not saying he won’t, and that is the problem. The leader of the USA is hugely influential internationally, and given the current and incredibly fragile situation worldwide, this becomes even more important. What happens in the USA has huge effects on the rest of the world, and this year, with the threat of Trump taking the leadership, the whole world seems to have noticed the presidential election, even young children have heard of the infamous Donald Trump.

If someone makes radical suggestions to gain support, if someone blames a nation’s problems on certain religions and ethnicities, then they are creating politics based on hate, segregation and racism. Much like the policies that built Nazi Germany.

If you don’t know how Trump is going to use his power, don’t give it to him.

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